About Kayla Joy

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buy Depakote without prescription Welcome to Kayla Joy Sherwood’s Amati Institute!   There are three levels of work that Kayla Joy offers:  Psychotherapy/Mental Health Counseling, Leadership Development Consulting – Facilitation and Coaching, and Sound/Energy Healing.  Amati means becoming the brightest point of light that you can possibly be.  You may have noticed that the definition of Amati includes the concept of ‘becoming’.  It is an ongoing process, which many work on in various ways throughout their lives.  All of us need to be supported in this work at times.


Please read about what Kayla Joy has to offer you any of these areas in more detail by clicking on the titles on the Welcome page.







buy proviron Kayla Joy’s Blended Skillset

Hello and welcome to my website.  I would like to speak to how my diverse areas of expertise may serve to support you in unexpected ways.  One example is that when I am working with a group of leaders in a classroom setting, while helping them to sharpen their leadership tools I can draw on my extensive psychology background to work not only more effectively with the leaders in the room, yet also to offer perhaps keener coaching into working with the people they are working with in their daily lives.

Conversely, when someone is sitting in a therapy/counseling session talking about their work-related stress, I would have a deeper understanding of the dynamics of leadership and teamwork within the workplace to help guide them towards the attainment of their goals.

Another example is that my understanding of energy dynamics often supports my ability to facilitate a group of people, be it a classroom of leaders, a workplace meeting, or a family working on their communication together in a therapeutic setting.  Also, my expertise in working with energetics informs and supports my work when working one-on-one with someone, whether it is helping coach them through to the attainment of their leadership goals or help guide them towards the attainment of their personal goals.

Whichever levels you are drawn to work with me, I look forward to the opportunity to help guide you in getting to where you want your life to be.